Saturday, October 15, 2011

32. Kanda Bachali Kura

Kanda Bachali Kura is a very tasty koora. Those who dont like Kanda in other forms also like this. This is one of the must ingredients in andhra functions.
Kanda - 1/2 Kg
 Bachali Aku - 20 leaves. (if you cut this into pieces, it should be equal to the Kanda in volume)
Green Chilly - 5
Curry Leaves
for (Tadka)Popu
Sanaga Pappu (Chana Dal) - 2 Tsp
Minapa Pappu (Urd Dal) - 2 Tsp
Avalu - 2 Tsp
Jeera - 1 Tsp
Red Chillies - 5
Tamrind - One lemon Size
Pasupu ( Haldi) - 1/2 Sp
salt to taste
Prepare the Ava (Optional)
add 2 spoons of avalu and a pinch of haldi and red chillies and grind them into fine poder. Add Little Oil to the powder add keep aside.

The Method

1. Wash kanda and remove the skin and cut them into cube shaped pieces
2. Wash bachali aku and cut them, and pressure cook in a pan along with haldi.
3. Now take a big pan,add oil and add senagapappu,minnapappu,jeera ,avalu ,red chillies and curry leaves and Green Chilli. ( Prepare Popu (Tadka))
4. Add the cooked kanda and bachali to the popu.
5. Add salt according to taste

 6. Add tamarind pulp according to u r convienence .(This is what gives the taste to the koora)

7. Add ava to the curry after removing the heat.

Yummy Kanda Bachali Koora is ready

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